11 Great Ways on How to Travel Cheap

Travelling cheap need not mean sacrificing comfort and security. The idea is you want to get the best value for your money, and still get the best experience without having to drain much cash. Here are some ideas that may help you stretch that hard earned travel fund.

1. Get the cheapest plane fares

my Cebu Pacific Piso Fare roundtrip plane ticket

Manila - GenSan - Manila
(regular price "no check-in baggage" - Php7,200+)
(Piso Fare RT - Php579)

I can't stress enough the big savings one can get if plane fares are secured during airline promos, special mention on Cebu Pacific's Piso Fare and Air Asia's Free Seats Promo. These promos are offered for both local and international destinations. How to score these cheap offers? Like these airline companies on their Facebook and Twitter pages and you'll be one step ahead. Remember to check them during holidays as they usually offer these promos on "special days." Travel period are usually 6 months to one year after the sale period. The trick in booking is to be flexible with your travel dates. Net fare as I observe based on my trips, usually ranges from Php350 - Php500 (roundtrip with no check-in baggage). Told you it's really that cheap!

2. Ditch the check-in baggage

Travelling light can help your money go a long way. As soon as I realized this trick, flights and road commutes has been a lot easier and cheaper - no lugging around big and heavy trolleys. Just one backpack and a sling bag and I'm good. Key here is to master the art of travelling light and avoid the excess baggage fees.

3. Brave the waves

inside 2Go Vessel

Sure it's possible to get some really cheap plane tickets if we're lucky to get into the airlines websites during the promo fares. In reality, it's just hard for many with slow internet connections, those who can't wait to stay up til midnight just to wait for the sale, those traveling in big groups, and those who with busy work schedules, couldn't just choose the travel dates to their liking. Our Boracay trip for instance could cost our family of 5 a whopping Php40,000+  if we travel by plane. So we decided to travel by sea with 2GO Vessel and spent a total roundtrip fare of only Php9,000 for us 5! Not to mention, it's one of my most memorable ways of getting from point A to point B.

4. Go for budget accommodation or stay with family or friends

Hostels are no longer just for the young. People of all ages can stay at a hostel - a thrifty hotel with dorm-like features. Or you may want to consider a homestay, a family home with rooms they rent for travelers  I stayed at homestays during my North Luzon trip and it helped stretched the budget. It also gives travelers a good chance to interact with the locals and immerse with local's lifestyle.

Or if you have a very big clan that's all over the Philippines, you want to give them a call and pay them a visit.  You'll not just get free accommodation, you're even more likely to score free food and free guided tours too.

5. Camp under the moon and the stars

island camping in Sorsogon

Feeling extra adventurous? Why not put up a tent in the beachside or in the mountain and go camping. You'll not just enjoy the big savings on your supposed room budget but you also get to enjoy Mother Nature's midnight embrace.

6. Learn to Haggle

When you've been to places, chances are you will learn by experience that you can't always say 'yes' to every offers - especially when you have a budget you need to stick with. Don't be ashamed to ask for lower price for package tours, accommodation, transportation. Haggle at night markets. Ask and you might just receive, but if you don't ask...

7. Pack Baon and Eat Light

I am not much of a big eater so I naturally skip on buffets (lugi lang ako dun). What I do is I bring my own coffee, tumbler, oatmeal cookies and a ready to eat canned food like San Marino Tuna Paella so I can load up on carbo when needed. When eating on restaurant or carinderia, I stay away from soda and drink from my own refilled water bottle instead.

Decide not to spend every vacation living like a king. Enjoy one nice meal a day at a restaurant and go to public market for other meals.

8. Show your ID

Are you a student or a seƱior citizen card holder? Use your identification cards to avail discounts like bus and ship transport. In addition, if you are travelling with some people who are physically or mentally disabled, you may want to get them their own PWD (persons with disability) ID to get additional discounts and priveleges you can avail while on the road.

9. Travel Off Season

This way you can take advantage of many airline and hotel's low season rates plus you get to avoid the crowd. We traveled to Pagudpod during February and owned the public beach all to ourselves all morning.

10. Plan Ahead

Creating a travel list at the start of the year can help you go a long way. I am a firm believer that once you write down all your goals which includes destinations you want to visit, the universe conspires and help you make it happen. Your next step is to do a research about the place, plot a feasible itinerary then budget your trip. Stay away from package tours, be more adventurous and plot your do-it-yourself type of tour - be the boss and tavel at your own pace. Yes it may take some hair pulling kind of planning but trust me, it's all worth the effort.

11. Visit your destination's Tourism Office

When I had to put an itinerary for our Laguna Weekend Trip within just 2 hours of online research and still not getting all the information we needed, my immediate back up plan was to go visit the Tourism Office of Pagsanjan. The tourism officer was just so glad to help us, he even gave us some tips aside from the discount given.


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