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Packing For a Mindanao "Backpacking" Trip

I'm now in Tacurong city, Sultan Kudarat. I plan to embark on yet another long trip to this southern part of the Philippines. With just one way ticket, my first long trip to Mindanao, happened in 2008, right after I left my job. It lasted for a month. Then in 2010 I found myself wandering in South Cotabato again for 2 months hopping from one habalhabal to another. This 2013, I'm back in Mindanao.
my packs onboard Yellow Bus Liner from GenSan to Tacurong
For this particular trip, a Sandugo Ascent 45L Backpack will serve as my home for 3 months.

How To Prepare for a Mindanao Backpacking Trip

Who says you need a travel agent to put together a great vacation backpacking trip?

This post aims to provide some helpful tips for anyone who wanted to travel long term in Mindanao. While mine may not be a hardcore backpacking trip as most of the provinces I’ll be visiting comes with a relative living in the area, my plan could still be adapted and customized by whoever wants to go on a Mindanao trip. Without further ado, allow me to share some of my preparation plan for this Mindanao backpacking trip.
Plane Tickets

I booked roundtrip tickets (Mla-Gensan-Mla) last August 2012 during their much awaited Piso Fare Promo. As you can see, that’s like almost one year before my travel date. Excited lang right? But hey, booking that piso fare promo way in advance meant I was able to save more or less Php6,000.
Approximate year round fares (roundtrip): Php7,000+ My Cebu Pacific Piso Fare Promo (roundtrip, with check-in baggage on my return trip): Php611.04 Savings of: Php6,000+
Tips for a succ…

Making A Travel Photobook

Imagine your most treasured travel photos printed inside the pages of a crisp, glossy coffee table book. House guests can flip through the pages filled with your own photo snaps like the mountain highway leading to your first destination, the vibrant indigenous flower, fiesta parties, the spooky forest trek and the scrumptious shot of your plate. That coffee table book would indeed be a great conversation piece.

I have scrapbooks filled with many 4x4 prints. That's before digital cameras happen. Today, we seldom print and simply upload our jpeg files it to our computers, photosharing and social media sites. I miss the art of creating a new scrapbook for my latest photos. The idea of slowly flipping through pages filled with images of my travels is just irresistible. So a month ago, I finally made one for myself and created my own Travel Photobook.

My Hardbound, Medium Portrait (8.5x11) Imagewrap Travel Photobook
My first ever photobook was ordered in 2008 showcasing our big fami…