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Witnessing Cebu's Sinulog 2014 (Part 1)

Despite the occassional drizzles, I appreciate the cool Cebu Amihan breeze as I began walking along Osmena Blvd with ate Yan that afternoon of January 18. Philippines for the past few days has been experiencing a lot more cooler temperature than normal, and we Filipinos just gladly embrace it, after all it's a weekend to celebrate. It’s the day the Solemn Foot Procession is happening and I can’t wait to experience this much loved parade. 

From the streets, I can see locals with their families, patiently waiting for the arrival of the black image of Sto Nino. People wearing hats, cute kids donning their Sto. Nino costumes and tourists flaunting their ‘I Love Cebu’ shirts, all while chanting Viva Pit Senyor. There are cameras everywhere, helicopters flying above for like every 10 minutes. Surely, this is Philippine's grandest fiesta celebration.

One Summer in Coron: Our All Girl Getaway Experience (Part 2)

Our first 2 days in Palawan perfectly spells summer. Every photographer would surely drool over Coron’s many islands and underwater life, we sure did. I used and abused my newly bought camera. I wanted to capture everything, it's just a visual feast out there! It’s the kind of place that made me wish I have Google Glass in tow.

Our day 3 and 2nd day of island hopping tour was merely a continuation of a beautiful exploration where we experienced the majesty of nature’s exotic beauty, but it also made us taste the overwhelming power of the sea… 
Like the 1st island hopping tour, we requested to start early since we want to visit Maquinit Hotspring before it gets dark. It’s March and I kind of assumed it would be a smooth less than 2 hour boat ride, I was WRONG!

One Summer in Coron: Our All Girl Getaway Experience (Part 1)

Palawan is home to some of themost enchanting group of islands in the Philippines. It's where you can see the most secluded, unspoiled white beaches but down under its water, a colorful marine life thrives. So when Cebu Pacific announced one of its much awaited Piso Fare sales, I immediately texted my travel buddy MC of my plan to travel to Coron. After replying with a giddy "yes", I booked a 4 day trip set for March 2014, a 10 month advance booking.  

MC invited her officemates as well, the same 3 girls I travelled with in Laguna and Sagada. I got even more excited knowing the trip will be filled with boisterous laughter because this group is super fun to be with. Magaan at masayang kasama. Plus it's cheaper to travel in group!
Travel Dates: March 12 - 15, 2014
Day 1: Hello Coron!
We arrived in Busuanga's Francisco Reyes airport after less than an hour flight from Manila. Before going to NAIA 3, I took a mental note to choose a window seat as I don't want to …

Travel Video: Coron, Palawan

Location: Coron Town, Kayangan Lake, Twin Peaks Reef, Hidden Lagoon, Bulungan beach, Calachuchi Coral Eden, CYC Beach, Mt. Tapyas, Malcapuya Island, Banana Island, Bulog Dos - Malaroyroy Island, Maquinit Hotspring

Coron: 4 Days Itinerary and Expenses

Summer is definitely here! What better way to enjoy summer heat than to bask under the sun, sea and sand in any of the many enchanting islands of Coron. Bring with you your best gal pals na super bibo and your summer will forever be memorable. This Palawan province is blessed to have the grandest of mother nature's mystic beauty.

Thumbs up, Coron is my No. 1 Summer Destination this 2014! 
Here's a quick glimpse of what we did during our awesome 4 days in Coron. You can use this as your guide when planning your own Coron getaway :)

Travel Video: The Farm at San Antonio

A few days before I leave for Manila, my uncle invited me I asked my uncle if I could go with him at our clan's farm in San Antonio in Tacurong. It's harvest season and I'm so interested to see how farmers work in the field. I know my uncle would agree, in fact he's the one who constantly reminds us (the next generation) to start learning more about managing a farm. I always love being in a farm and those 2 days of observing is also a great opportunity to practice photography.
Harvest season in Tacurong
From Poblacion, we drove down the highway passing by a couple of tractors, a familiar sight during the month of September. Check out some photos I took during 2 days of observing these hardworking farmers.

Tacurong City Travel Guide

Derived from the word “Talakudong”, an Ilonggo term that refers to a hat or any head cover, Tacurong is situated at the crossroads of Central Mindanao. The city, which became a component city of the province of Sultan Kudarat on September 18, 2000 serves as the gateway to the 4 major cities of Mindanao: General Santos, Cotabato, Davao and Cagayan de Oro. Although it’s considered as the smallest province in Sultan Kudarat, it’s the most populated with Roman Catholics making up 83.6 of the total population. 2012 last year, Tacurong was declared as regional winner for city category in the Gawad Pamana ng Lahi, an award given to the local government units that showed exemplary performance in the local governance. Tacurong also elevated itself to the Top 5 Best Performing Cities of the Philippines in the same year. 

Photos from top to bottom: Tacurong City Hall by night, Inugyunay Festival, Farm road, Tacurong City Hall by day, City Hall grounds, Talakudong …