Tacurong City Travel Guide

Derived from the word “Talakudong”, an Ilonggo term that refers to a hat or any head cover, Tacurong is situated at the crossroads of Central Mindanao. The city, which became a component city of the province of Sultan Kudarat on September 18, 2000 serves as the gateway to the 4 major cities of Mindanao: General Santos, Cotabato, Davao and Cagayan de Oro. Although it’s considered as the smallest province in Sultan Kudarat, it’s the most populated with Roman Catholics making up 83.6 of the total population. 2012 last year, Tacurong was declared as regional winner for city category in the Gawad Pamana ng Lahi, an award given to the local government units that showed exemplary performance in the local governance. Tacurong also elevated itself to the Top 5 Best Performing Cities of the Philippines in the same year. 


Photos from top to bottom: Tacurong City Hall by night, Inugyunay Festival, Farm road, Tacurong City Hall by day, City Hall grounds, Talakudong Festval

Here’s a list of activities, sights and travel tips compiled from brochures and first hand experiences that may just help you experience the warmth and friendliness of Tacurongnons.  

Foodie Must Tries

Maguindanao Pastil from Maguindanao Pastil House. Try this very affordable Muslim delicacy, it's Php10 cheap!

Hito dishes from VE-JR Aqua Farm Ihaw-Ihaw sa Exit

Hito (catfish) or pantat is my favorite fish so I was surprised when I found out that I have a lot of friends in Luzon who haven't tried, much more familiar with hito. So if ever you found yourself wandering down south, and is curious about hito, this is the place to be! This wifi resto, serving all hito dishes you can imagine is situated at New Carmen, Tacurong. A private car is recommended.

A local favorite, Goldyfoods Foodline have been known to serve the freshest home made ice cream and other merienda treats. I recommend you try their version of durian ice cream. Their home converted resto is located at Gen. Luna St., Tacurong.

Other restaurants worth visiting:

Ilonggo is the mother tongue of Tacurong so expect to see Ilonggo inspired dishes all throughout the city.

Mang Gorio Bahay Kainan – Lapu Lapu Street
Julson’s Bakeshop and Restaurant – Magsaysay Avenue
Mama’s Love Rendevouz - National Highway
Bidz Restaurant – National Highway
Lab’s Old Timer Lapaz Batchoy – Quezon Avenue cor. Bonifacio Street
Nadies Chicken Hauz  

Interesting Places To See


With almost 90% of the land dedicated to agriculture, Tacurong is a rich farmland. This is a great place to observe our hard working farmers plow fields with their 4 legged co-worker. Immersing ourselves in a farm let's us appreciate the intricacies happening from planting to harvest season.

The main industry found in the city is rice and corn milling and trading. There are medium to large scale rice mills including the giant National Food Authority-Southern Philippines Grains Complex (NFA-SPGC) silo (Mechanical Drier) and rice mill, the second largest in Asia. 

NFA (National Food Authority) Complex

My aunt is working for NFA so I was lucky to be given a quick educational tour. I saw those really big machines at work and got inside the control room. This is probably the tallest building in the city so I was eager to work my way up the view deck to see a 360° view of Tacurong when I visited her. The climb wasn't an easy breezy "walk in the park" due to dusts and rice husks scattered all around the building and I highly recommend you bring along tissues or handkerchief to cover your nose and mouth. After all, this is a rice mill so expect something "rugged". But the view from the top is so worth all the effort. 

African Palm Oil Farm

The city also produces African palm oil, which is shipped to Manila to be used in the plastics and soap making industry and other chemical industries. Oil palm trees creates a distinct terrain for the province of Sultan Kudarat. Experience a trip under the huge palm trees. See how wall materials are produced out of the oil palm fronds or enjoy the mushroom naturally grows at the foot of the tree. Visit also the nursery and the plant that produces 20 tons of crude palm oil per hour. And speaking of palm trees, you can see some of these towering trees on the way to Tacurong's must see tourist spot...

Black Crowned Night Heron

With more than 20,000 herons and egrets inhabiting the lush green bird sanctuary in Baras, Tacurong, enthusiasts will surely be treated to an exciting bird watching experience. Read more about this emerging tourist spot - Of Herons and Egrets: A Walk Inside Baras Bird Sanctuary

Monte Vicenteau Resort

In my opinion, resorts like this cater more to the locals. The city is far from any good beach so the opening of Monte Vicenteau Resort in New Passi (Tacurong's most beautiful resort, in my opinion) is a great gift to locals wanting to cool off and simply enjoy a good splashy day with family and friends.

Where to Sleep

Alejandria’s Travellers Inn – National Highway 064-200-6500
Beldent Star Hotel and Restaurant – Ledesma Extension, Brgy. Poblacion 064-200-3698
Edjin Pension House and Restaurant – Brgy New Isabela 064-200-5001
Edpar Traders In – Ariguin Subdv., Brgy. Poblacion 
Eleazar Twin’s Lodge and Resto – Valdez Subd., Brgy Poblacion 064-200-3081
Felra Suites – National Highway 064-200-6601
First City Lodge – Negrillo Subdv., Brgy Poblacion
Garvin’s Apartelle – National Highway  064-200-5255
Woodland Tourist Inn – National Highway 064-477-0488


Inugyunay Festival

This is how the people of Tacurong celebrate Christmas - enchanting city lights, spectacular fireworks display and midnight parties! It's sure fun to celebrate Christmas in the province. Here's our Inugyunay Festival experience back in 2008 Sultan Kudarat: City of Tacurong lights up during Christmas

Talakudong Festival

Talakudong Festival is Tacurong's annual celebration also dubbed as the Festival of Hats with the colorful street dancing parade happening every September 18. Recommended post: Tacurong City Celebrates Talakudong Festival 2013

How to Get There 

By Air
Manila to General Santos City (Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines)
Manila to Davao City (Cebu Pacific, Philippine Airlines, Tigerair and Air Asia Zest)
Manila to Cotabato City (Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines)

 By Sea
Manila to Iloilo City to General Santos City
Manila to Cagayan de Oro City (2Go Travel)

By Land

General Santos City to Tacurong City – 92 kms (Yellow Bus Line goes directly to Tacurong; Air-conditioned Bus Fare is Php128)
Davao City to Tacurong (via Buluan route)
Cagayan de Oro City to Tacurong City – 314 kms

Tricycle is the primary mode of transportation when going around the city.

Map: General Santos to Tacurong

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