Travel Video: The Farm at San Antonio

A few days before I leave for Manila, my uncle invited me I asked my uncle if I could go with him at our clan's farm in San Antonio in Tacurong. It's harvest season and I'm so interested to see how farmers work in the field. I know my uncle would agree, in fact he's the one who constantly reminds us (the next generation) to start learning more about managing a farm. I always love being in a farm and those 2 days of observing is also a great opportunity to practice photography.

Harvest season in Tacurong

From Poblacion, we drove down the highway passing by a couple of tractors, a familiar sight during the month of September. Check out some photos I took during 2 days of observing these hardworking farmers.

Once the field is ready for harvest, farmers start by cutting the stalks using a curved blade. They set it aside to be bundled and collected.

 bundled palay stalks

The Farmer, carabao and the cart collects the bundled palay stalks.

Once the farmers finish collecting the bundled palay stalks unto the carabao cart, they will start unloading all of it into one area. 

The palay stalks will be pushed over into a diesel powered machine called thresher which separates the grains from straw.

The grains ready to be poured over the rice sack.

During the collecting process, some people will check for leftover pieces of palay stalks. My uncle gives those away, "paamo" as he calls it. Here, women sifts through newly harvested rice grains removing stalks and dust using a bamboo tray. 

kids playing on top of rice sacks

rest mode

uncle introduced me to a distant relative "Lolo Itik"

It was one hot day in September, I can still feel my skin burning despite those arm warmer. My hats off to these hardworking farmers and for my Uncle Nonoy who toured me around. It was indeed a day of learning int the field. Looking forward to owning a farm someday and be the best farm manager I can be.

Check out these video I took showing the actual harvest.

Music:  "Home" by Phillip Phillips


  1. I have come to Lake PAndin last SAturday, MArch 1, 2014, and for my experience, it was pleasant. The food, the serenity of the place and the warmth of the people operating there in Lake Pandin. The down-side is, THERE IS NO DECENT TOILET NOR BATHING ROOM to use for local tourist like me, the only “changing room” they can offer are the ones that are DILAPIDATED and there is no roof and the walls are riddled with holes..Im so embarrassed with the fact, that I invited my lady friends to go there and join with me only to find out later that there is no decent and secluded room/place to change/bathe or to defecate…after reading this, you are now being warned!

    i hope the locals/operator there would do something about it..its nearly a perfect get away but its not.


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