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One Summer in Coron: Our All Girl Getaway Experience (Part 2)

Our first 2 days in Palawan perfectly spells summer. Every photographer would surely drool over Coron’s many islands and underwater life, we sure did. I used and abused my newly bought camera. I wanted to capture everything, it's just a visual feast out there! It’s the kind of place that made me wish I have Google Glass in tow.

Our day 3 and 2nd day of island hopping tour was merely a continuation of a beautiful exploration where we experienced the majesty of nature’s exotic beauty, but it also made us taste the overwhelming power of the sea… 
Like the 1st island hopping tour, we requested to start early since we want to visit Maquinit Hotspring before it gets dark. It’s March and I kind of assumed it would be a smooth less than 2 hour boat ride, I was WRONG!