Witnessing Cebu's Sinulog 2014 (Part 1)

Despite the occassional drizzles, I appreciate the cool Cebu Amihan breeze as I began walking along Osmena Blvd with ate Yan that afternoon of January 18. Philippines for the past few days has been experiencing a lot more cooler temperature than normal, and we Filipinos just gladly embrace it, after all it's a weekend to celebrate. It’s the day the Solemn Foot Procession is happening and I can’t wait to experience this much loved parade. 

the crowd during the Solemn Foot Procession as seen from Robinsons Fuente

kids wearing Sto Nino outfits

From the streets, I can see locals with their families, patiently waiting for the arrival of the black image of Sto Nino. People wearing hats, cute kids donning their Sto. Nino costumes and tourists flaunting their ‘I Love Cebu’ shirts, all while chanting Viva Pit Senyor. There are cameras everywhere, helicopters flying above for like every 10 minutes. Surely, this is Philippine's grandest fiesta celebration.

I just came from an action filled daytrip at Enchanted Kingdom the day before and went straight to NAIA Terminal 3 that evening for my early morning flight to Cebu. That one hour flight didn’t give me the chance to even take a nap, I couldn’t sleep in the plane, that has always been my problem. But it’s okay as I wanted to see Cebu island from above.

Mandaue - Mactan Bridge

My good host for this trip was ate Yan, a close relative and my long time boarder mate in Mandaluyong. She's been living in Cebu for years now and she offered to show me around. This trip gives us the best chance to catch up and make great travel memories.

After taking on some much needed rest, I’m ready to conquer the road and do the long arduous walk. Blogs warn us, Sinulog parades are exhausting as there'll be a LOT of walking involved. From ate Yan’s apartment in Urgello St. we decided to walk our way to Robinsons Fuente Mall. The mood is festive as crowds begin filling up.


Robinsons Fuente Mall is strategic, smack right in the corner of Fuente Osmena Circle, beside Crown Regency. It’s a good spot to check everything out. But the best place is the mall’s upper parking lot, which is actually off limits during Sinulog. But we already made it there before security decided to control the watchers. We’re already in a good spot, we couldn’t just go down and risk not having the spot to return to. From up there, we can almost see everything that’s happening. And with a new travel buddy in tow, which can manage 50x optical zoom, I’ve got no problem capturing interesting shots.

our secret spot :)

devotees swaying in the beat of Sinulog

I uttered a silent prayer as I watch the image in procession, devotees doing their hand sways while the human barricade protects the image.

the image of Sto Nino with the human barricade around it

balloons released in honor of Senyor Sto Nino  

original image of Sto Nino in covered glass

spell Sinulog Crowd

When they say Sinulog Parade is always crowded, it's an understatement.

Right after the image passed our spot, we headed our way to a local favorite, Larsian.

Larsian is the best spot to get your doze of an exciting Cebu foodie experience while still keeping your wallet healthy. Here, choose from an assortment of bbq's you like from your chosen food stall and let them grill your food (all the grilling takes place in the center aisle). What makes Larsian irresistible is it's cheap, clean and friendly set up, you get to use your hands instead of spoon and fork. Bbq paired with puso.

Time for the Cebu night scenes.

Wanting to see Cebu's grand firework display, we headed straight to SM City Cebu.

One thing I so love about Cebuanos is their simplicity despite all the developments happening around. Crowd of families lay their mats and baon and simply lounge at the parking lot, picnic style 


  1. Fun adventure with your family. I hope I will also have a chance to visit the island with my family too and find a cheap Boracay accommodation.

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