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Crossing Borders: Vietnam Itinerary (Day 2)

I woke up seeing my aunt almost ready for the day's tour which I found odd because she has always been the last to prepare. She forgot that Vietnam is one hour delayed of Manila time! 

Day 1 left our toes tired and muscles aching (the effect of our 10km marathon stroll). The first day was more of 'DIY-slash-it's okay to get lost tour'. Day 2 turned out to be a more 'relaxed-slash-dive into Vietnam's historical tour'. Having booked a half day tour, we rode a bus that brought us to Cu Chi district.

TNK Travel

Our tour guide from TNK Travel was prompt, picked us from our hotel and assisted us to the bus where we'd be joining other tourists. Almost 80% of travelers inside the bus were made up of young American-European backpackers.
Cu Chi district is approximately 1.5 hours drive from Ho Chi Minh. It was a comfortable ride with our guide sharing his invaluable stories and insights about the Vietnam War. He was more than knowledgeable, he was also candid.