SHOPBACK: Online Shopping in the Philippines

Love the perks of shopping online! Imagine effortlessly hopping from one store to the next anytime you want, anywhere you want to be... even while wearing your tsinelas!

More than a year ago, because of work, I was relocated to Mindanao. Into a province that's far from the hustle bustle of city life and outrageous Manila traffic. Apparently, it's also far from the biggest shopping malls. And when you have no big malls around you, chances are, your shopping choices are limited.

Given the situation, I was left with my next reliable shopping solution - Online Shopping.

Back in June, BPI introduced me to SHOPBACK. The website has already been featured in PhilStar, Manila Times and Inquirer. It's basically a site that refers you to some of the biggest and most trusted online stores here in the Philippines and abroad. Simply put, you shop online and earn a cashback.

How does it work? 

You may cashout at any of these bank accounts:

You see, it's pretty simple. You log in to your Shopback account and from there, just click the online store you intend to shop. Get thru the usual order and paying process and in 2 days or less, Shopback will credit your cash back into your Shopback account. Easy breezy!

I have shopped before in Lazada, Zalora and Ebay. But now because of Shopback, I also earn cashbacks aside from the amazing discounts I get from these online stores. Smart savings right?! 

So if you're a traveler out there who consistently make reservations through Agoda, Expedia or in any of the above booking sites, I really suggest you sign up to take advantage of the cash back reward this site gives. Visit them at It's Free, you can cashout to your bank account and it's limitless!


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