Throwback Sinulog 2014 (Part 2)

So okay, this is way long overdue post. 3 years late to be exact. Sorry na, may energy gap lang...

Seriously, I miss blogging. Sharing my travel adventures back in the Philippines (UAE-based na po ako). I was so busy being an  adult, that's why.

This trip happened 3 years ago so here's me hoping to make this post as helpful and good read as possible.

The Sinulog Grand Street Parade (Day 2)

The first day of Sinulog Festival is celebrated through the Solemn Foot Procession where devotees dance in honor of Sto. Niño. I had a fair glimpse of how many people will be going to the streets come the grand street parade set to happen the next day.

After taking our breakfast, we hurriedly strolled Osmeña street as some participants were already there. Cebu's Sinulog Grand Street Parade must probably be the country's longest parade time, it starts in the morning and ends at night! Despite the sweet smiles, I can imagine the exhaustion of the performers inside. Hats off guys! Nakakabilib!

Moving on, unlike the solemn foot procession where we contented ourselves watching from the comfort of Robinsons Mall parking space, I promised myself to experience the energy of Sinulog from the main streets. Lo and behold, it was ecstatic!

I just can't pass this opportunity to have a photo with them. Loving the headrest!

The energy in the streets is just purely contagious! You can hear the music beats playing, smiling food street vendors, tourists wearing a variety of cool shirt designs from Cebu's very own Island Souvenirs, a huge number of foreign tourists watching, the colorful costumes of the contingents, the charming beauty of the festival queens, the cultural dances, impressive floats carrying popular celebrities, and locals shouting Viva Pit Senyor!

It's no doubt Philippine's Grandest Cultural Festival.

Check out the float of our kapamilya stars

Fueled for Adventure

Sightseers can also be as interesting as the participants. And just imagine the enormity of the grand street parade route!  Come visit Cebu and experience the Mother of all Festivals - Sinulog.

I'm really hoping to blog more about my other island trips. Ang dami ko ng backlog and just because I miss the trees and the beaches in the Philippines, I will try my very best to write more.

And since I'm in UAE now, you may also check my new personal/travel blog - Pinay Overseas


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